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Daily Scan for 09.14.09 – Sands Joins Smallville, Chu Imagines Singer BSG

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• Genre favorite Julian Sands is coming to Smallville as Superman’s dad, Jor-El.

• Producer Steven Lisberger says Tron Legacy is a cautionary tale about man’s relationship with technology. How ludditical!

• Disney has confirmed that Robert Zemeckis is doing a motion-captured CGI remake of the Beatles’ surreal psychotronic masterpiece, Yellow Submarine. You know, because The Polar Express wasn’t creepy at all.

io9 has some industry insiders’ perspectives on DC’s move to DC Entertainment, and they don’t sound optimistic: It sounds like they fired a real comic book advocate in favor of a film producer.

• Eric Chu, the man who designed the recent remake of Battlestar Galactica, does some sketches to imagine Bryan Singer’s prospective BSG cinematic remake.

• See the beginnings of Judge Dredd and other famous British comics characters over at 2000 AD Origins.

Listverse explicably counts off 12 facts about Star Wars you probably don’t know. Who knew the cast flew coach?

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