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Daily Scan for 09.10.09 – Lost Explores New Timeline, Pixar Ponders Ant-Man

09,32j.jpg• AMC’s own Alex Zalben is making his comic book debut this week with Hulk Team-Up #1. Iceman, Angel, Hulk, Dazzler and Red Hulk? I’m there.

• Aaron Eckhardt says his new movie, Battle: L.A., is Blackhawk Down meets Alien.

• Will the first Pixar/Marvel movie be Ant-Man? I have to admit, that just feels right to me.

• Yes, Virginia, Lost Season 6 will see a new timeline unfold. But that’s not to say the old one’s going away.

• Talk about poor ideas: A remake of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space called Plan 9. But there’s a teaser trailer over at the official site, if you’re interested.

io9 discusses their choices for the top 10 unlikeliest survivors of the end of the world.

SF Signal‘s latest Mind Meld topic is a keeper: Bad guys in science fiction we just love to hate.

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