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Daily Scan for 09.09.09 – Professor X Returns, Akira Remake Lives

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• Neil Gaiman’s basement library is the sort of chthonic scifi reading dwelling that is sure to set a-slaver any true literary geek.

• Patrick Stewart says he’ll probably be back as Professor Xavier for X-Men Origins: Magneto, and is open to a cameo in Star Trek 2 as Picard.

• The live-action remake of Akira may not be dead after all: Rumor has it they are just waiting for a revised script from the screenwriter of the incredible dystopian drama Children of Men. My interest just went up a notch.

• The estate of J.R.R. Tolkien and New Line Cinema have finally reached a settlement in their lawsuit, opening the path to the two Hobbit prequels in the next few years.

• The first shots of Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet have been leaked. Did Seth Rogen lose weight for the role?

io9 talks to Avatar concept designer Jordu Schell about designing the neotonious Na’Vi.

Black Adder scribe Richard Curtis will be writing an episode of Doctor Who next season.

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