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Daily Scan for 09.02.09 – McKellen Talks Hobbit, Gilliam Slams Watchmen


io9 rattles off their top 100 science fiction shows of all time. “All time” excluding the future, of course. And how’d they determine the ranking anyway? “Science!”

• Terry Gilliam has seen Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, calls it “turgid” and says his version would look much different.

• Ian McKellan drops some enticing Hobbit gossip, including the news that Bilbo Baggins has already been cast and that the script is ready.

Geek Tyrant lists five films that changed the way people look at science fiction. I agree with everything except number one: Akira only changed the way people looked at Japanese animation.

• A graph that explains science fiction television since Star Trek.

New Scientist lists the NASA projects that never were. Boy, that lifeboat for the International Space Station looks like a worthy investment.

• Jon Favreau says an Avengers movie might be a disaster, but that’s not going to stop him from producing it.

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