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Daily Scan for 09.01.09 – Pixar Chases Dinosaurs, Terminator 5 Persists


MTV’s Splash Page asks who should play Green Lantern‘s arch villain Sinestro in the upcoming movie. Daniel Day Lewis would be wonderful casting.

• Is one of Pixar’s next movies about a boy and his dinosaur? All signs point to yes.

Wolverine writer David Goyer says a Magneto movie has been fast-tracked. Let’s hope McKellan comes back for this one.

• Sources tell io9 that the recent lawsuits will not stopTerminator 5 from going into production, although they “disagree about how long it’ll take.” Let’s hope long enough for McG to be off the project.

• Just in time for AMC’s own reimagining comes a Blu-Ray DVD set of the psychedelic scifi classic series, The Prisoner.

The Toy Zone compends twenty fine examples of science fiction origami. The Sandworm is my favorite.

• Jesse Alexander, creator and executive producer of NBC’s Day One, asks what happened to the mid-scized scifi movie? Erm, Moon? District 9?

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