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Trailer of the Week – Shutter Island

Setting a thriller in a decrepit mental institution sounds so “been there done that” until you realize that this one has Martin Scorsese directing Leonardo DiCaprio again. That it’s based on a Dennis Lehane novel (Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone) doesn’t hurt either. Suddenly, the stakes are high for Shutter Island! DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo play marshals looking for a missing patient (Emily Mortimer) who just might be lost amid the facility’s underlit, eternally dripping warren of cells. If the casting isn’t enough to win you over, Scorsese’s atmospherics will. Rain lashes windows, lightning flashes overhead, Jackie Earle Haley does crazy as only he knows how. We haven’t been this freaked out by a storm (and a nut job) since Cape Fear.

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