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Trailer of the Week – Gamer

The Gamer trailer starts off like a typical war movie: Men in trenches are spurred on by their alpha male leader. But wait! These guys are not just being directed; they’re being controlled. What’s going on here? Well, Gerard Butler is a prison convict who somehow has landed in a Death Race 2000 game with a twist. He’s a gamepiece, not a player. Can he influence the gamer “playing him”? Maybe. Maybe not. The “bad-reception” look of it all makes it hard to tell . Things get interesting when Michael C. Hall and Kyra Sedgwick show up on a trashy talk show set for commentary. A brief tease of John Leguizamo raises the coolness factor, even as you try to shake off that Running Man deja-vu. By the time a contemporary cover of “Sweet Dreams” accompanies the brief flicker of “GAME OVER, KABLE WINS” on screen, you might think you know this movie’s ending. In fact, you probably do.

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