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Trailer of the Week – The Box

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Maybe Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, the financially strapped couple in The Box. That’s who! When a mysterious package arrives on their doorstep, it comes with instructions: Press the button, get $1 million, But you know there’s a catch. In this case, it’s that someone will die. This arrangement, proffered by a deformed Frank Langella, leads to an abundance of clothes and hairstyles that are all pure ’70s (as is the plot which feels like the brainier horror movies of that decade). Mysterious strangers pop up, knocking on windows, appearing at parties. When a Santa inexplicably stops Marsden’s car at a railroad crossing, it’s the sort of weirdness you’d associate with Donnie Darko, so perhaps it should be no surprise that Richard Kelly is the director.

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