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One on One – Michael Myers-Carpenter Versus Michael Myers-Zombie

Michael Myers-Carpenter, meet Michael Myers-Zombie. You two have a lot in common: Bloodlust, serious family issues, years in a mental institution being treated by a less-than- supportive shrink. But there’s something different…Oh, that’s right. Mr. Myers-Carpenter, after seeing you in seven different movies, we still know next-to-nothing about you aside from that shocker about Laurie Strode being your other sister.

As to you, Mr. Myers-Zombie, you’re another story: We’ve had a glimpse into your miserable childhood, from your wretched homelife to your merciless persecution by school bullies. You’re still a big, scary dude, but nature and nurture both had something to do with the way you turned out. As to which one of you would be scarier when encountered in a dark alley, well, that’s a tough call. Let the voting begin.

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