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Daily Scan for 08.28.09 – Glau Enters Dollhouse, McFarlane Wants Leo for Spawn


• Todd McFarlane is threatening another movie version of his Spawn comic book character… with Leonardo DiCaprio to star. That confuses me: Isn’t Spawn African American?

Heat Vision and Jack. Red Dwarf USA. Gay Robot. The scfi sitcoms that never were.

• Summer Glau will be jumping ship from the defunct Sarah Connor Chronicles to Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. It’s too bad the canceled one is the superior show.

• Will Terminator Salvation be a stronger movie as a hard R? The DVD release of the director’s cut should make that all clear.

SciFi Squad lists the top ten scifi deaths, although any list with Species on it is a bit suspect.

• Some bizarre ads for Pioneer by Alien design maestro, H.R. Giger.

io9 thinks House, M.D. is science fiction. An utter disregard for many of the principles of medical science does not science fiction make.

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