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Daily Scan for 08.27.09 – Fox Wants X-Files Reboot, McTiegue Wants Darker Superman


Market Saw has an exclusive first look at Sigourney Weaver and her Avatar. It’s just Weaver as a younger, bluer and more neotonous alien.

• Chris Nolan is thinking of filming the third Batman movie entirely in IMAX.

• Will Ryan Reynolds’s Green Lantern movie be delayed by a strong Australian economy?

• A third X-Files movie may be on its way, but 20th Century Fox is eyeing the reboot look.

Ninja Assassin director James McTeigue, who is rumored to be helming the next Superman movie, thinks Big Blue needs to be darker. Reason enough not to hire the man.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: The most intelligent films of science fiction. I was supposed to contribute to this one, but then got some sort of Venusian death flu.

SciFi Wire reviews a new volume from Richard Matheson, collecting all his unfilmed screenplays, which includes his own script for I Am Legend!

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