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Daily Scan for 08.25.09 – Black Widow Is an Avenger, Marsden Joins Caprica


• Scarlett Johansson is hinting her Iron Man 2 character will move over to the big-screen adaptation of The Avengers next.

• If there was anything you were ambiguous about concerning the new Avatar trailer, this frame by frame breakdown will spill it all out for you.

• Our beloved Spike, Buffy and Angel’s James Marsden, is onto a new genre series: the BSG prequel Caprica.

• We knew that Warners was remaking Outland, but who knew that it wouldn’t actually involve re-using the first one’s plot or setting?

• The Farscape complete DVD set is getting an astonishing number of new extras, including several documentaries about the show’s production and puppeteering.

• A list of dirt cheap alien special effects that still look pretty dang good. That pool of slithering X-Files oil still creeps me out.

io9 lists 30 real animals with scifi names. I love the Batman catfish.

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