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Daily Scan for 08.24.09 – Cheadle Promises War Machine, Sigourney Talks Avatar

warmachine2.jpg• Hopefully you caught a sneak peak of James Cameron’s Avatar last night at theaters. If not, though, you can console yourself with an exclusive Sigourney Weaver interview about the project.

• Speaking of Avatar, why not acquaint yourself with ten movies Avatar unfortunately resembles? Though these are pretty tenuous connections.

• Don Cheadle says there’s more CGI War Machine in Iron Man 2 than there is good ole’ Rhodey.

• The rumored director of a new Superman movie threatens to do a total reboot and “take it in a direction no one expects.” Maybe they’ll have Superman fight a giant spider!

io9 lists ten scifi video game movies we’ll see long before Halo‘s rights and budget ever get sorted out.

• Harlan Ellison and J. Michael Straczynski debate whether it’s scifi or science fiction in this video from the 1970s.

• The Daily P.O.P. laboriously analyzes the classic 1967 Spider-Man animated series. I had no idea Ralph Bakshi had worked on it.

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