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Daily Scan for 08.19.09 – Terminator 5 in Peril, Singer Directs Battlestar Movie


• Brian Austin Green has come a long way since 90210, and he looks like he’ll make a great Metallo on Smallville.

• Can you grok a television series based on The Time Traveler’s Wife helmed by the creator of Friends? Didn’t think so.

Terminator 5 may have just gotten a lot less likely as Terminator Salvation’s producers sue their hedge fund, accusing the group of trying to wrestle control of the franchise away from them.

• It’s now officially official: Bryan Singer will be directing a new Battlestar Galactica movie for Universal. Still no word as to how you reboot a reboot and make anyone care.

Den of Geek lists ten potential scifi franchises Hollywood has ignored. For good reason, methinks.

• These wonderful Terminator 2 storyboards show the destruction of Skynet in exhaustive detail.

• Russell T. Davies sees a future for Torchwood, even where no one else does.

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