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Daily Scan for 08.12.09 – G.I. Joe Gets Sequel, Abomination Cameos Avengers


• In a development that will disgust everyone with the good sense to have stayed away, G.I. Joe made over $100 million last weekend, and a sequel has already been green-lit.

• On that note, Internet funnyman site Funny or Die takes on the G.I. Joe mythos: “What do the members of G.I. Joe and Cobra do for fun?”

• If you’re looking for the fifth season of Doctor Who, best to look at BBC America: SyFy no longer has the American first run rights.

• It didn’t do terribly well, but a sequel to The Incredible Hulk is on its way, and Tim Roth, who plays the villain Abomination, says he’s signed up for a three picture deal. That means he might appear in The Avengers as well… at least as a cameo.

Underwire takes a look at the awesome, awesome world of Mexican science fiction cinema.

• Hugh Jackman says that the sequel to Wolverine will follow Frank Miller’s Japanese story arc.

• Eli Roth is working on a PG-13 science fiction flick entitled Endangered Species.

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