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Daily Scan for 08.07.09 – Scott Tackles Brave New World, Henson Tackles Crystal Sequel

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• Fox is promising that they won’t mess with Dollhouse this season. Unfortunately, that’s a promise they won’t be inclined to keep out of just the goodness of their hearts.

• Ridley Scott is all set to direct another dystopian movie, this time an adaptation of A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

• I am so glad this is still in play: Brian Henson says pre-production of the sequel to The Dark Crystal has now started, and the movie has a “very” strong script.

• The plains of Saturn’s moon Titan are now set to be named after a planet from Frank Herbert’s Dune novels. Here there be sand worms.

Wired tackles the robotic science behind Bruce Willis’ new scifi vehicle, Surrogates.

The Guardian lists their top ten choices for time-traveling novels. Half of these I haven’t read, but I do want to.

Where I Write shows the prose cribs of some of scifi’s greatest authors.

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