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Daily Scan for 08.04.09 – Riddick 3 Is Rated R, Time Traveler’s Is Not SciFi


• David Twohy and Vin Diesel say that when a third Riddick movie comes to theaters, it’ll have a hard R rating.

• The upcoming Bruce Willis scifi vehicle, Surrogates, has a cyborg advertising campaign that was ripped off of a photoshop contest… inspired by Surrogates!

• The director of The Time Traveler’s Wife doesn’t want you to call his movie a “science fiction film” because “the time travel is an allegory.” Sounds like he thinks labeling it a genre movie will somehow besmirch its dignity.

io9 asks DC whether or not the Green Lantern Blackest Night event will be used to bring back dead characters like Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. The response is telling.

• Will Jeremy Renner be the next Mad Max? He says he’s up for the role, which would begin filming next year.

Steampunk LEGO Star Wars is always good for a Tuesday morning. Or a Thursday brunch.

• Check out some gorgeous concept art for the Thundercats movie that never was. I would have thought a live-action version would be a recipe for furry disaster, but this is great looking stuff.

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