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Trailer of the Week – The Informant!

Corporate corruption… in agri-business? It hardly seems like a storyline that’s likely to get audiences in theaters – until you realize this is a Steven Soderbergh movie. We already know from Traffic that he can do the socially conscious thing, and the Oceans series let him showcase his comedic skills. From the looks of it, The Informant! — based on a true story — will have a healthy dose of both. It helps that Matt Damon anchors a cast of great character actors (including Scott Bakula and Tony Hale, playing government handlers in an undercover investigation) who know how to bring the funny. Meanwhile, Damon is the bumbling whistle-blower, but bespectacled and mustachioed, he’s more corn than Bourne. That the studio is selling the movie with an exclamation point in its title gives it a tone that’s as much Airplane! as it is The Insider, and makes this history lesson seem all the more palatable.

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