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Trailer of the Week – Adam

You know how it goes… Pretty girl moves into the building. Boy gets interested. At first, Adam (Hugh Dancy), an astronomy nut, seems sweetly charming, if clueless; when Beth (Rose Byrne) says, no, she can’t see the stars because her windows are dirty, she finds Adam dangling from her windows the next day… in an astronaut suit. But what would a love story be without some challenges to surpass? For Adam the big one is Aspergers Syndrome, which has turned the title character’s life into a quagmire of troubling social boundaries; another is Beth’s father (Peter Gallagher), who disapproves of Adam because of his condition. In the trailer, Adam has us wincing (as their courtship continues, Adam asks Beth if she is as sexually excited as he is) and laughing (when Beth offers him chocolates, he reminds her he’s not Forrest Gump). And because Dancy and Byrne prove so likable, we’ll forgive the fact that the filmmakers cast two attractive Brits as the lovestruck New Yorkers.

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