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Think Your Girlfriend’s Crazy? These Psycho Movie Girlfriends Have Got Her Beat

Guys will put up with anything for a woman, won’t they? Well, their counterparts on the big screen are no different: They stay with ladies who leave them, hurt them, haunt their dreams, and even repeatedly try to murder them in wild and wonderful ways. And of course, more often then not, it doesn’t end well. Take a look at some of our favorite crazy girlfriends and remember, just because she’s not a mass-murdering psychopath or rabbit-boiling stalker doesn’t mean she’s not totally nuts.


Amanda Peet, Saving Silverman (2001)
You’ve heard horror stories about people being controlled by their significant others, but Peet’s Judith takes it to a whole different level. She tells her fiance (Jason Biggs) to get butt implants, makes him burn his beloved Neil Diamond records, forces him to cut off his two best friends and regulates his… self-pleasuring habits, so to speak. In the end, it turns out all she really wants is a man who’ll physically fights it out with her, no holds barred. Yikes!


Cameron Diaz, Vanilla Sky (2001)
Let’s see… Diaz’s Julie drives Tom Cruise off a bridge because he isn’t willing to commit, and horribly disfigures his face, which in turn ruins his nearly un-ruinable rich playboy life. It should be no surprise that she also manages to haunt the fantasy world Cruise ends up paying to live in and helps turn it into an unending nightmare. Even when you’re living in a manufactured dream world, she’s the kind of woman who, no matter what you do, just won’t go away. Kinda like…


EVE, Wall-E (2008)
Poor WALL-E has to put up with a
lot to land the robotic lady of his dreams. So when they meet he
follows her around like a lovesick puppy and what does she do? She
shoots at him repeatedly with her laser gun. EVE also nearly ruins his
prized possession, a copy of Hello Dolly and almost kills his
best and only friend, a cockroach. And not to nitpick, but she’s a
bit of a gun nut. Of course, WALL-E will tolerate just about anything
so long as he’s allowed to hold her hand.


Helena Bonham Carter, Fight Club (1999)
Bonham Carter’s Marla is actually no crazier than her boyfriend, the
duel-personality of the narrator (Ed Norton) and Tyler (Brad Pitt). Her
crazy credentials: She poses as a cancer survivor to attend their
support groups and even manages to overdose on Xanax. But the scariest
part about her is that she seems to have no problem with her
boyfriend’s split personality. Even after he kidnaps her and
shoots himself in the head, she’s still perfectly happy to watch his
bombs detonate a city block, hand-in-hand.


Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers (2005)
kind of of woman tells you she’s a virgin then sleeps with you when you
first meet and then confesses she’s not a virgin after all? Only the
woman of Vince Vaughn’s dreams! There’s no end the erratic behavior for
this crazy, kinky redhead. She tells Vaughn that he’ll never be rid of
her and then slaps stinging ointment on his touch-football wounds. She
sneaks into his room and ties him up in the middle of the night. But in
the end she gets her man — turns out he likes ’em a little crazy after


Rachel McAdams, Mean Girls (2004)
else could make Lindsay Lohan actually seem sane? When not plotting the
demise of fellow high school students, Plastics queen bee Regina
George’s main hobbies include lying, cheating, extreme dieting, and
ruining lives. To make matters worse, she has an army of loyal
followers and her schemes are powerful enough to upend the entire
social order of her high school! Her crazy trump card? Boy can she
scream. It even makes her boyfriend run in fear. Poor guy.


Sharon Stone, Casino (1995)
some of the ultimately endearing ladies on our list, Stone has little
to commend her. Robert De Niro loves her, but aside from her bombshell
looks, it’s tough to see why. She’s the ultimate gold digger,
negotiating monetary specifics in exchange for marrying De Niro’s Ace.
In addition to bringing her former pimp along when kidnapping her own
daughter, she finds time to do drugs around her kid, enjoys the
occasional psychotic break, and is always one step away from an
attempted murder.

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