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Short and Tweet – Brief Reviews for Movies Released July 24

In the Loop 3-5-star-rating.gif
Abrasively profane comedy about how war is made is over-the-top funny… and quite foul.

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Orphan  2-star-rating.gif
Talented actors shoulder the burden of trying to ground a thriller that cribs shamelessly from The Good Son and Joshua.
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G-Force 2-star-rating.gif
What, you were expecting a movie about crime-fighting, talking guinea pigs to be good?
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The Ugly Truth 1-5-star-rating.gif
Ugly indeed. Rom-com fails, giving us two hateful characters to try and root for. 
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The Answer Man 1-5-star-rating.gif
Self-help is the setting in this Sundance fave, but ultimately it’s a tired rehash of Capra.
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