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Daily Scan for 07.28.09 – Kurtzman and Orci Merge Treks, Simm Is Who‘s Master


• It’s confirmed: John Simm is coming back to Doctor Who as The Master. Too bad he was the worst one to ever wear the cape.

io9 gets some intriguing details from Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman: Star Trek 2 and Star Trek 3 may have a single, film-spanning plot.

• Who needs Virtuality when scientists have discovered a new engine technology that could shorten the voyage to Mars from six months to six weeks?

• Evidence is mounting that Lost season six will focus on an alternate timeline, which may drastically change Lost lore and piss off a lot of fans.

• Sarah Zettel addresses the intriguing topic of Harry Potter and the golden age of science fiction.

• The ultimate dad has built his son an Imperial Walker loft bed. Meanwhile, my dad handed me a carton of cigarettes on my tenth birthday and told me to make the ten packs last as birthday presents until I was 20.

• What if Greedo really shot first, and blew Han’s brains out?

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