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Daily Scan for 07.20.09 – Futurama Is Re-Cast, World War Z Is Rewritten


• Trench Reynolds explains why Adam West was the best Batman. He’s only right if you like your Batmen flabby and campy, though.

World War Z gets a new screenwriter: J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 is out, and Michael Carahan of The Kingdom is in.

• On Friday, Fox shocked everyone by announcing their intention to re-cast every major voice actor on Futurama for the upcoming Comedy Central episodes. There’s little chance of this happening, though: Fox has played similar hard ball with The Simpsons before.

• Late last week, Amazon removed thousands of copies of 984 from users’ devices without permission. Delicious Big Brother irony for the DRM age… Cory Doctorow must be quite beside himself.

Twitch sells amazing re-imaginings of vintage scifi posters.

io9 ponders whether or not Lost will pull a Battlestar Galactica in its final season.

The Brobadignian Bards sing a Jedi drinking song to get us through a less than sober weekend.

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