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Daily Scan for 07.10.09 – Tennant May Join Who Movie; Superman Cameo in Green Lantern?

RevanMask0.jpg• Rumor has it David Tennant just might announce his participation in a Doctor Who movie.

Star Wars: The Old Republic — Lucasarts and Bioware’s upcoming MMO — the low-down on Boba Fett’s ancestors, the fearsome Mandalorians.

• Michael Bay could make over $150 million on Transformers 2 merchandising alone. Now that’s Bayhem.

• Cameron Diaz is looking set to be the leading lady of Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet.

• SF Signal continues its three part Mind Meld with their guide to International Science Fiction.

• If the Green Lantern‘s screenwriter has his druthers, Superman will appear in the film to establish a universe, a la Iron Man.

• Except it might be more complicated than that: Unless Warner Bros. makes another Superman movie by 2013, they’ll lose the rights to the film back to creators Siegel and Shuster.

• Harold Ramis talks about Ghostbusters 3 and keeping the formula true to form.

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