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Daily Scan for 07.08.09 – The Rock Goes to Planet 51, Foster Writes Trek Sequel


Star celebrates the women of Star Wars. As well they should, and the more tentacles the better.

• When I was a child, robots transformed into cassette tapes. Now, Transformers come in USB stick form.

• A new trailer for The Rock’s CGI scifi comedy Planet 51 has landed. Apparently on his planet aliens barbeque all day long.

Eerie Books lists 42 Frankenstein films to see before you die. Who knew there were 42?

• The patron saint of scifi novelizations, Alan Dean Foster, is writing a sequel to J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek independent of the movie franchise. I guess that means Trekkies have something to hope for before 2011.

• Alien squids fend off against giant robots in these tourism videos.

• A little belatedly for the holidays, SciFi Wire lists the 11 most patriotic scifi movies.

Gorilla Artfare hosts some of the best steampunk Star Wars designs. These are some lovely illustrations worthy of print, right here.

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