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You Have an Opinion on SciFi – Now Vote at AMC’s Movie Lists!

As a scifi fan, you know what you like (and you really know what you hate). But how to let other people know what’s on your mind? You can voice objections and praise in our comments section and Talk forums, you can post video rants on YouTube, and now you can vote for your favorite movies via AMC’s Movie Lists.

Cast your votes for the greatest scifi movies of all time, then vote for the worst. Got a favorite you think is a candidate for a remake? Vote for it, then let us know which ones you think should never be touched again.

Vote on your favorite actors in postapocalyptic roles and your favorite Star Trek villains. Lend your thoughts on scifi’s most implausible robots, then hit the runway to judge superhero fashions.

If you’re a fantasy junkie, there are plenty of lists for you, too: the worst-dressed women warriors in fantasy is racking up votes, as is the list of warriors who kick (and bare) butt. You can vote for your favorite fathers in fantasy and (new today) your favorite portals into fantasy worlds. The Chronicles of Narnia‘s Wardrobe is up against Coraline‘s Other doorway and Harry Potter‘s Platform 9 3/4.

New lists are added every week. So visit the site today, and see the effect your vote has on our scifi superlatives.

Click here to visit AMC’s Movie List site.

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