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Trailer of the Week – Funny People

Certain celebs come with expectations. For instance, who would expect Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler to make a tearjerker? Names notwithstanding, the preview for their new collaboration, Funny People, certainly looks like a weepie: The life-changing event here is terminal illness. That’s right. Sandler’s character is dying! The trailer isn’t a total downer since Sandler plays a stand-up comic but the topic, tone, and cast (which includes Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill) are much more grown-up than the usual Apatow/Sandler fare. Because Apatow has proven he can do poignancy (Freaks and Geeks) and Sandler drama (Punch Drunk Love), you do have to wonder what’s going to happen when they both try it again… together. So far, the biggest laugh comes when co-star Leslie Mann mocks the Aussie accent of her husband (Eric Bana).

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