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The Newsdesk 06.16.09 – Live Action Akira Now Dead; Portman Joins Aronofsky’s Swan

Michael Cera says not to expect an Arrested Development movie “for a while.” Clearly George Michael doesn’t believe there’s always money in the banana stand.

•The live action Akira that Leonardo DiCaprio was producing is no longer in the works and The Birds remake with Naomi Watts is on hold. See, not everything is bad news, people.

Natalie Portman has joined the cast of Darren Aronofsky’s The Swan, a supernatural thriller set in the world of ballet.

• Acting salaries prove not to be recession proof — The Wrap runs down the list of stars who aren’t always worth their paychecks.

• The budget for Christopher Nolan’s next movie, Inception, is tipping the $200 million mark. We are of the opinion that when it comes to Nolan’s vision, no expense should be spared.

Up has already earned almost $190 million this summer, and is on track to be the second highest-grossing title for Pixar, after Finding Nemo. Retirees and fish, eh? Now just imagine what the studio could do with an animated The Old Man and the Sea?

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