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SciFi Reigns Supreme in AMC’s Heroes Tournaments

Throughout the month of May, AMC celebrated the biggest heroes ever to grace the silver screen with a series of tournaments that let you, fair reader, decide who is the boldest war hero, the mightiest superhero, the baddest action hero and of course, the coolest anti-hero. Why am I bothering telling you? Because nothing says “hero” like a cape and a ray gun.

That’s right, your favorite futuristic heroes waged war last month against their modern-day counterparts, and as you might expect, the competition was fierce. The action heroes tournament saw Terminator‘s Arnold Schwarzenegger facing down Demolition Man‘s Sylvester Stallone in the final round. Along the way the two faced the likes of Pitch Black‘s Vin Diesel and Escape From New York‘s Kurt Russell. Who, in the end, could defeat Cyberdyne Systems’s ultimate killing machine? No one, of course.

Next, the world’s mightiest heroes took a break from crime-fighting to face down each other in our superheroes tournament. Daredevil may have put up a paltry battle for everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger, but Spidey found stiffer competition in Superman, who faced Gotham’s Dark Knight himself in the final round. Which cape did scifi fans prefer — the brooding, dark and demented Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, or Clark Kent’s boy scout persona? Let’s just say The Dark Knight isn’t everybody’s favorite superhero movie for no reason.

Science fiction also got its fair shake in our coolest anti-heroes tournament. While the final showdown pit Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry against John Wayne’s Ethan Edwards, the two had to first grapple with Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken and Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow — the former making it all the way to the semis before feeling a bit less lucky in front of Eastwood’s gun.

Do you think the wrong men won? Your vote can still affect the outcome. Visit our Heroes page to vote for your favorite scifi hero in all the tournaments. After all, heroes are only as mighty as the fans who follow them. And no hero — past, present or future — has a following like a scifi hero.

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