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Optimus and Megatron Clash Servos in the Transformers Tournament of Doom!

For robots in disguise, the Transformers sure like to make a lot of noise. Once they morph from their spiffy vehicles into battle-hardened ‘bots, the element of surprise is thrown out the window for robot-stomping action. But which Transformer can out-stomp the rest? Will the noble Autobot leader Optimus Prime with his Cybertronian weapons and wise, authoritative voice reign supreme? Or perhaps Transformers 2‘s new recruits Mudflap and Skids can prove their worth battling Ravage, the cycloptic Decepticon. And what about Devastator? The only thing more powerful than a new Decepticon is several Decepticons combined to form one giant baddie.

It’s a Transformers showdown that’s more than meets the eye — because while they’re battling it out, you get to declare the victor. Vote today!


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