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Horror Brides Tournament, Round One: Bride of Chucky (No. 4) vs. Bride of the Gorilla (No. 13)

Bride of Chucky (No. 4) vs. Bride of the Gorilla (No. 13)” width=”560″/>

Now, you have to figure that if you were married (or at least betrothed) to a dang gorilla, you’d be rough and tough and ready for anything. You’d know how to make that banana smoothy and make it fast, lest your hubs start pounding his chest and smashing all the good china (such a showoff, that guy). So yeah, you’d be ready for things like that… but would you be ready for a three-foot plastic doll of doom?

And when I say “doll” of doom, I mean Tiffany, the Bride of Chucky, played by the living doll known as Jennifer Tilly. Home girl rocked this horror-cheese part, both as a seductive human bad girl and as the voice of Chucky’s love interest. Granted, her plastic body winds up just a bit worse for wear in this one, but oh, that voice!

As for the Bride of the Gorilla, well, can you beat the platinum bombshell known as Barbara Payton? Even her character’s name is va-va-voom: Mrs. Dina Van Gelder.  Listen, I know the concept of a were-gorilla leaves a bit to be desired, but can you blame the dude for going after this girl? Seriously… I can empathize.

It’s plastic vs. platinum, and only one bride moves on. Tiffany, are you ready? Mrs. Dina Van Gelder, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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