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Horror Brides Tourney, Round One: Bride of Frankenstein (No. 1) vs. The Premature Burial (No. 16)

Bride of Frankenstein (No. 1) vs. The Premature Burial (No. 16)” width=”560″/>

If you’ve ever visited our main page at, well then you know we likes us some movie tournaments. Seems to be a different one up there every day. And yet in all the tournaments ever created not only at AMCtv, but in the history of mankind, I’m not sure there is a more lopsided match-up than this No.1 vs. No. 16 tilt.

The top seed? The Bride of Frankenstein, perhaps the most iconic female horror image of all time. That white-streaked Marge Simpson coiffure decorates Halloween parties, pop-culture clothes and has been raved-up countless times in horror spoofs.

The bottom seed? Emily Gault from Premature Burial. Who? Yeah, exactly. Played by Hazel Court, one of Hollywood’s original scream queens, it’s a good character and a good part, but really? Emily Gault up against the original bride of the monster (Elsa Lanchester)? All I can say is good luck, miss.

Bride of Frankenstein, are you ready? Emily Gault, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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