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Daily Scan for 06.26.09 – Watchmen Returns to Theaters, Darabont Eyes Fahrenheit Flick


• A sad day for ’70s scifi: Farah Fawcett, star of the Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie’s Angels and Logan’s Run has died of cancer.

• Right after author Ray Bradbury essentially invalidated Fahrenheit 451 by claiming the Internet’s free exchange of information is evil, director Frank Darabont talks about doing a movie adaptation.

Watchmen is coming to theaters again… as an extended director’s cut with footage featuring the death of a supporting character.

• Why does every decent scifi property, like Y: The Last Man, have Shia LaBeouf involved? Just when we thought he was done with that one, too…

Auxiliary Memory writes an amazing essay about H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

• An in-depth guide to tracing the relationships between X-Men characters and the Marvel Universe at large.

• Oh, sure they smoked magic jay in the 22nd century. And this is the Star Trek bong they did it in.

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