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Daily Scan for 06.24.09 – Fuller Re-Abandons Heroes, Bale Casts Doubt on Terminator 5


• A scant few months after his return was heralded as the resurrection of the show, Bryan Fuller has left Heroes. Again.

Transformers 2 has such expensive and complicated CGI that it almost broke down Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic.

• Christian Bale says not only might there not be no Terminator 5, but neither might there be a Batman 3. Geez, what will he do with himself now?

• Three literary minds with an affection for zombies will be coming to the comics universe to give us the next series of Marvel Zombies: David Wellington, Jonathan Maberry, and Seth Grahame-Smith

• Despite rampant Internet rumors and the inherent awesomeness of the scheme, Lost will not become an attraction at Disney World.

• The original Darth Vader himself, David Prowse, does charity work to prevent prostate cancer.

• The new G.I. Joe trailer features Wayans Brothers slapstick. It bodes ill.

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