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Daily Scan for 06.11.09 – Rodriguez Helms The Jetsons, Rourke Models Whiplash


• Thank God: Shia LaBoeuf, everyone’s favorite bovine-named actor, is no longer considering taking on the titular role of Yorick in Y: The Last Man.

• Mickey Rourke poses as the villianous Ivan Vanko (aka Whiplash) in these shots from Iron Man 2.

• Robert Rodriguez is helming a live-action remake of The Jetsons, and scifi geeks are aflutter speculating who he’ll cast as daughter Judy.

• Check out these groovy new sketches of the vessel that will be seen in Fox’s new 2-hour Ronald D. Moore Pilot, Virtuality.

• Yesterday it was certain; today it’s official: Comedy Central is ordering 26 new episodes Futurama.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: New science-fiction references for the golden age reader.

io9 examines zombie neurobiology, a la Night of the Living Dead.

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