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Daily Scan for 06.09.09 – Lost Teases Charlie, Futurama Returns


• The new Lost promo shows Charlie telling viewers that he only used to be dead. My guess is they are going to resurrect a bunch of the old characters in an alternate timeline.

• One of the main writers for The Sarah Connor Chronicles has a blog in which he complains, gripes and ruminates about the series’ cancellation.

• Michael Bay says the IMAX version of Transformers 2 will include even more robot-shifting goodness. Frankly, if it’s confusing on a normal-sized screen, how good can it possibly look on an enormous one?

• After the recent success of the DVDs, Futurama is coming back to Comedy Central for thirteen all-new episodes. Let’s just hope the series returns to form, as well.

Life, The Universe and Sci-Fi lists an excellent primer of science fiction authors for beginners.

• Is there a lot of accurate science in Battlestar Galactica? Well, psychological science, yes… the rest, not so much.

Terminator Salvation may not have done very well in the US, but it’s mopping up overseas… which is where I saw it, and summarily dismissed it as dreck.

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