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Daily Scan for 06.05.09 – Rodriguez Hunts Arnold, Weaver Joins Paul


Robot Chicken scribe Dan Milano will be helming a remake of Short Circuit. This can’t be a good idea.

• Sigourney Weaver’s dipping her veiny trotters into science fiction again: After Avatar, she’ll star in the Simon Pegg scifi comedy Paul.

• Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 inspired a rather bizarre Marvel Comics series that took the base concept of the movie and expanded it into Marvel’s proper comic universe.

• Robert Rodriguez wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise his role as Dutch for his upcoming Predators sequel.

• No matter who wins, we lose: Tin-Tin Versus Predator.

Ohnotheydidn’t lists 46 remakes Hollywood has on tap. Don’t write anything new by accident, guys.

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