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30 Days of Night Comic Book Artist Ben Templeton Gives Dracula a Shot in the Jugular…

30 Days of Night Comic Book Artist Ben Templeton Gives Dracula a Shot in the Jugular…” width=”560″/>

How do you scare the bejabbbers out of 21st-century readers with Bram Stoker’s 100+ year-old Dracula? Sure, vampires are hotter than ever, but the O.V. is looking a little long in the tooth (yeah, we said it). Everyone from Wes Craven to Mel Brooks has tried to revive the Count, with mixed results. Can the artist behind the hit vampire comic-turned-mediocre-movie 30 Days of Night inject some fresh blood (we’ve got a ton of ’em, folks) into Stoker’s legendary creation? Ben Templesmith is no stranger to comic book fans — his work on everything from G.I. Joe to Fell has made him a fan favorite (and possible heir to the Mike Mignola horror-comic throne.) Templesmith’s lush, darkly gothic images are both unsettling and worthy of mounting on your wall (or desktop) and, unlike many contemporary comic-book artists, the guy can actually tell a creepy story (look no further than Fell, a visual treat and a low-cost publishing breakthrough).

For his take on Dracula, Templesmith created new, spine-chilling illustrations for every chapter of the novel, and his slick, impressionistic images conjure up another classic vampire — the bald ghoul of F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu. Templesmith, who’s worked in film as a concept artist, could easily provide the ground work for a bloody, retro big-screen take on Dracula (think Sweeney Todd meets Twilight), as long as no-one gets the bright idea to cast Leslie Nielsen, lest the count be completely de-fanged (and don’t let the puns drive you batty… not yet, anyway).

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