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Trailer Pick of the Week – Terminator Salvation

Images of an apocalyptic aftermath — scary robots, rusting buildings in the rain, tattered footwear — are evocative for sure. Mix in the notion that this is the near future (2018) and you’re really on to something. (The use of the Nine Inch Nails song “The Day the World Went Away” hammers this point home.) In this trailer for Terminator Salvation, John Connor (Christian Bale) reminds us: “You are the resistance.” If you’re wondering whether you are included in that you, the butt of a rifle headed toward the viewer before the screen goes black makes it quite clear that you are. Talk about a convincing way to watch Connor play hero and still feel likely you’re personally involved. And we’re not just saying this because we’re afraid Bale will kick our ass if we don’t.

This week’s other trailers: My Life in Ruins, Angels & Demons, Star Trek.

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