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Horror Spelled Out in Gory Detail From Atmosphere to Zombie

Is that a vampire? Or a zombie? Maybe it’s a lycanthrope! It’s a perilous world if you don’t know your werewolves from your
bloodsuckers, or your undead from your ghosts. And even if you do, you may still not know the dual purposes of ooze. Or the proper way to show fangs. If you’re curious about any of these topics, you’re in luck because we’re here to spell out the intricacies of the horror universe in excruciatingly gory detail. Welcome to the ABCs of Horror, your handy reference for the darker side of B-movies.

A Is for Atmosphere
B Is for Believability
C Is for Chance
D Is for Decency
E Is for Excess
F Is for Fangs
G Is for Guts
H Is for Haunted House
I Is for Insanity
J Is for Jaws
K Is for Knife
L Is for Lycanthrope
M Is for Murder

N Is for Nighttime
O Is for Ooze
P Is for Panic
Q Is for Quiet
R Is for Restricted
S Is for Scream
T Is for Torch
U Is for Undead
V Is for Vampire
W Is for Weird
X Marks the Spot
Y Is for Youth
Z Is for Zombie

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