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Dear Dracula, Here’s One Boy Who Prefers You to Santa

Dear Dracula, Here’s One Boy Who Prefers You to Santa” width=”560″/>

How long has it been since Hollywood has splurged on a holiday horror movie for the whole family? Well, let’s just say that impressionable youngsters who got their first taste of spooky sweetness from The Nightmare Before Christmas are now plenty old enough to drive themselves to the movies. And apparently that fact hasn’t been lost on the folks at Kickstart Entertainment (who gave us the not-so-family friendly Angelina Jolie packing heat in Wanted), if their plans to bring the Image Comics graphic novel Dear Dracula to the big screen are anything by which to judge.

Like the Nightmare team, Dear Dracula creators Joshua Williamson and Vinnie Navarrete started from the premise that Halloween and Christmas are two great tastes that taste great together. Young Sam is seriously into horror movies. In fact, he’s so into the macabre, he passes on writing a yuletide letter to Santa in favor of appealing to the Prince of Darkness on his hallmark holiday. Where a lesser kid might stop at angling for extra candy corn, Sam aims high and asks Dracula to make him king of the vampires for a day. And wouldn’t you just know that Dracula’s so tickled that he shows up and takes Sam out for a night on the town. Williamson and Navarrete, who have children’s book backgrounds, bring a young reader-friendly sensibility to comics, and fans of Jill Thompson’s whimsical Scary Godmother series or the works of Roald Dahl will find much to like in Dear Dracula.

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