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Daily Scan for 05.14.09 – Ratner Tackles Youngblood, Esquire Loves The Road


• While the whole “steampunk meets random geek franchise” is getting a bit tired, these steampunk Ghostbusters costumes actually make a lot of sense.

• First he ruined X-Men, and now Brett Ratner has his sights set on an adaptation of Youngblood, the Image comics series about a group of young superheroes. Erm, isn’t Josh Schwartz already doing something like that?

Esquire magazine calls The Road “the most important movie of the year.” This, however, prematurely assumes the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic novel will actually come out this year…

• This Batman Lego cake makes us want to take it back in time and celebrate our tenth birthday all over again. Way better than the General Lee cake we had.

• This alternate ending to Back to the Future is kind of better than the actual ending, to be honest.

• The “Ralph Bashki-meets-retro scifi” vibe of Kanye West’s “Heartless” music video makes us want to watch American Pop.

• Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) offers a wonderfully rendered message of peace featuring characters from his Nausicaa and Lupin animes.

• The toy line featuring Disney characters as classic Star Wars characters is worth it for Donald Duck encased in carbonite. That Slave Minnie though? Just a big bowl of wrong.

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