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Daily Scan for 05.25.09 – Terminator Tanks, Dalton May Be Who‘s Dad


Terminator Salvation not only got almost universally poor reviews, but it also had a lackluster opening weekend.

• Oh, yes, Creature of the Black Lagoon will make an excellent musical stage show.

• Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, discoverer of the Lost World, turns 150 years old. Er, that is, he would turn 150 if he were still alive. You get it. Right?

• Will Doctor Who’s Dad be played by Timothy Dalton? Oh dear, we can only hope so. He’s the fifth-greatest Bond!

• Just what are the top ten ugliest ships in science-fiction? Let’s just say the Alien franchise gets no love.

Talking Squid is here to teach you all you need to know about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie.

Sci Fi Wire to make sense of Terminator Salvation’s bizarro timeline.

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