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Daily Scan for 05.20.09 – Thor Finds Loki, Terminator Series Hits the Net


io9 counts down science fiction’s ten most murderous robots. Considering Skynet is responsible for the genocide of all mankind, I was frankly a bit surprised Terminators were ranked so low.

• Relatively unknown actor Tom Hiddleston will play Thor’s trickster brother Loki in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming adaptation.

• Fox execs explain why the network kept Dollhouse, but killed Sarah Connor Chronicles: “If we’d canceled Joss’ show I’d probably have 110 million e-mails this morning from the fans,” said one exec.

Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series, a six-part web series tied to McG’s new movie, is now available for download. It’s pay-per-view, though, folks, which means I’ll probably be waiting to see it as a DVD extra.

• Exactly how big is the new Enterprise compared to the old one? Seven times!

• NBC has announced its fall schedule, and it includes two failing shows, Heroes and Chuck, in the same time slot. That can’t be a good sign.

• Herewith, all of Robin the Boy Wonder’s splendiferous holy one-liners.

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