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Daily Scan for 05.13.09 – Orci Describes Trek‘s Shatner Cameo, Lost Finale Clips Go Online


Lost is hurtling towards its Season 5 finale, which will culminate with the notorious Dharma Initiative “incident.” Five clips from the finale are now online.

• Speaking of Lost, a producer says any Lost movie won’t feature the original cast of characters.

• The next Philip K. Dick novel to hit the screen will be Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.

Star Trek screenwriter Robert Orci gives the exact breakdown of the Shatner cameo, which director J.J. Abrams first described to It sounds best left on the cutting room floor.

• Rick Vietch talks the issue of Swamp Thing that wasn’t: What if Swamp Thing met Jesus?

SF Signal experiments with a special effects mind meld.

Topless Robot lists the eight most underrated Doctors from Doctor Who. God, have there been that many?

• Phil Platt, the Bad Astronomer himself, gives a rundown of the bad astronomy and physics in Star Trek.

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