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Daily Scan for 05.12.09 – Keanu Reeves Meets Jekyll, Caprica Meets the Final Five


• Keanu Reeves — barf! — has been chosen to play the titular character in Jekyll, a new take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale.

• Michael Trucco from Battlestar Galactica says the final five cylons might well show up in Caprica.

• Christian Bale explains how he transformed John Connor from a supporting character into the star of McG’s Terminator Salvation. We’re guessing he said something along the lines of, “C’mon, I’m Christian f——- Bale!”

Popular Mechanics details the ins and outs of spontaneous human combustion, à la last week’s episode of Fringe.

SF Signal asks its readers if Star Trek is good for science fiction.

• Behold! The many faces of the Cloverfield monster.

io9 claims that Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s best show. They are totally out of their gourds.

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