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Daily Scan for 05.11.09 – Obama Wants Trek, Duke Nukem Is Finally Nuked


Discover Magazine, sick of science, talks the top ten alien chicks… but starts off the list with a human. Fail.

President Obama wants to screen Star Trek at the White House, which is causing some to call him the first “Vulcan” president.

io9 asks, what are the time travel theories of Star Trek, and which one is the new movie espousing?

• After fourteen years of development, 3D Realms has been shut down along with their long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever game along with it.

The New York Times talks the two sides of Star Trek.

• Here’s some fantastic retro-futuristic space art by Albro Gaul.

• Director McG talks the ending to Terminator Salvation that you won’t see.

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