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Daily Scan for 05.04.09 – Transformers Plot Is Revealed, Star Tours Is Upgraded


• Another domestic trailer for G.I. Joe really accentuates just how terrible this movie is looking. What the heck is going on with Cobra Commander?

SF Signal examines the history of Star Trek on the eve of the reboot’s release.

• There’s a new trailer for Transformers 2, illustrating a totally non-sensical plot: A young boy who enjoys sex with Megan Fox and drives around in a robot car leaves both behind so he can study at college.

• Apparently, Disney’s venerable Star Tours ride is getting an upgrade to feature Boba Fett chasing down the passenger vehicle.

• Man, Forrest J. Ackerman’s memorabilila auction brought in a lot less money than I thought it would.

• Ten things that I learned from science fiction conventions.

• This is the best science fiction article I’ve read in a while: The Biology of B-Movie Monsters.

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