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This browser is supported only in Windows 10 and above. Launches Movie Guide in Beta: Rank Movies According to Lists

If you clicked on the Movie Tab of the navbar, you’ll have noticed a new page. That’s because we’ve just launched a new guide to movies and movie-makers.  What makes this guide different is that it’s organized around rankable movie lists — from Awesome Summer Blockbusters and Greatest Westerns to Coolest Vampire Movies and Movies with the Best Moustache. We invite you to browse these lists and rank the movies. If you would like to see a list we don’t have, submit your idea in the comments section below.

Where can I find the schedule of movies showing on AMC that used to be under the movies tab?

The schedule of movies still exists in the same form. But we’ve consolidated all schedule information under the schedule tab. The main schedule is here, and from there you can access the movie schedule, which is located here.

What else is new?

The schedule and the Movie Guide are connected.  Now you can get  a wide range of info about a movie showing on AMC. When you are viewing the schedule, simply click on the movie title and you’ll get the Movie Guide entry for that movie.  You can also rate and review any movie in the guide.

I have more questions…

If so, post them in the comments below. We’ll update this FAQ to provide the answers.

Please let us know any problems you encounter by sending an email here and we’ll address them. Remember: We are still in beta.

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