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AMC News Talks With Rob Zombie About Humanizing Michael Myers on Halloween 2 Set

As you probably know if you follow my constant Twitter updates for AMC News, Friday night I flew into Georgia, hopped in a rental car and drove over an hour east of Atlanta to a small town called Covington where Rob Zombie was working on Halloween 2. I made it to the set — an amazing looking high school which was doubling as some sort of hospital in the film — around dusk. The cast and crew, including Scout Taylor-Compton and Tyler Mane, were doing a night shoot, so their day started at 7PM and ended when the sun came up the next morning. We ate “lunch” with the cast, crew and Zombie around 1AM.

In addition to shooting inside the school — where at one point they had a real live horse! — there was a major outdoor sequence that night. After interviewing the 6′ 8″ Mane (a former professional wrestler who plays Michael Myers), we watched him film an outdoor scene — complete with fire truck induced rain — where he killed a guy with an axe. Pretty cool to watch. After that, we talked with the team behind the movie’s crazy makeup then hung around until 4AM when we finally had a chance to interview Zombie, whom I had previously met when we were on the set of AMC’s Fearfest, which he hosted last year.

In the time I spent with Rob, we talked about why he’s doing another Halloween even though he said he didn’t want to, what we were doing in Covington, Georgia, and a good amount more.

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